Buyers Advocate Hawthorn East

Buyers Advocate Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East is an inner Eastern suburb of Melbourne only 7kms from the CBD. Hawthorn East is home to many well preserved and grand period homes as well as 60’s and 70’s apartment blocks, workers cottages and townhouses. In the better section of Hawthorn East you will find tree lined streets with renovated period homes on traditional sized blocks. In the more commercial parts of Hawthorn East you will find a mix of older style apartments and single front homes as well as lots of new boutique apartment blocks ranging from mid to large scale developments. The most notable street in Hawthorn East is Harcourt street. This grand boulevard was made famous by the late 19th century architect  John Beswicke who designed many of the grand mansions along the street. Of the 15 that he built in this street alone 14 are still standing and now command prices up to $16m in today’s market. It was at number 13 that he first built a home for his family. One of John’s children Rupert Beswicke went on to live at another of John’s residences in Harcourt Street for 87 years! John Beswicke is also famous for building the Hawthorn, Brighton and Essendon town halls (as well as 203 homes, 9 banks, 44 commercial buildings, 11 hotels, 15 institutions, 45 shops and 11 town halls).

Buyers Advocate Hawthorn East

Buyers Advocate Hawthorn East

We buy property all over Bayside, at all price points. So whatever your needs may be, we can help you.

Auction Bidding & Negotiation

We make the difference when Auction Bidding and Negotiating to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients. We’re here to “Make A Difference”.

Buy Off Market Properties

We buy more than 50% of our clients properties before Auction and 25% Off Market. We offer our services to local and foreign clients all over the world.

Why Choose Elite Buyer Agents?

  • Our clients have the strongest advantage when purchasing their Bayside home or investment property;
  • We help you buy the right property by doing all the research and due diligence on your behalf;
  • Access to Off Market Properties (Silent Listings in Bayside);
  • Professional Negotiators;
  • We can take the stress out of Auctions bidding on your behalf;
  • And ‘We’re On Your Side’ every step of the way through the buying process.
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Hawthorn East Area Profile

Hawthorn East is very well located with great freeway access and good transport options. Auburn train station sits at the Northern end of the suburb while Tooronga train station sits just outside the Southern border. Buses run on Tooronga Road while trams service Camberwell, Riversdale and Burke Roads.

There are lots of options for schooling in Hawthorn East including Auburn South Primary, Auburn Primary, Auburn High and Bialik College. Popular parks are Anderson Park, John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Park, Sir William Angliss Reserve and the much loved Fritsch Holzer Park.

For the locals there are plenty of watering holes and eateries within reach with St Cloud, Porgie and Mrs Jones, Pizza Religion, The Bakers Wife and The Palace Hotel being amongst the more popular. Also well-known and well frequented in the suburb Is the much loved Art Deco Rivoli Cinema, the newly renovated Well Shopping Centre, Tooronga Village Shopping Centre (bordering Camberwell) and Camberwell Junction, also bordering Camberwell.

Buyers flock to Hawthorn East to take advantage of its proximity to the CBD, excellent network of schools and transport, leafy streets and friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

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Buyers Advocate Hawthorn East
Buyers Advocate Hawthorn East

Our Services – How can We Help You?

Buyer Agents

Real Estate Agents are often struggling with lack of supply, demand is usually high and competition is always tough. Buyers are regularly being priced out of the market, particularly first home buyers, young families looking to upgrade and the Mum and Dad investors as well.

Buyer Agents in Victoria are seeing purchasers being out bid and out played and either losing or overpaying… not only at auction in other situations such as a sale by set date or an expression of interest campaign. This is a game best played by those who are experienced and who know the pitfalls of the industry, not to mention the rights of the purchaser and the obligations of the selling agent.

Increasingly Buyer’s Agents or “Buyer’s Advocates” are being engaged by educated buyers to navigate the minefields of the real estate industry on their behalf and to show them the real value of property, this of course in turn will save them money, time and stress. The difference between buying an average property and a good property can be a difference of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With over 220,000 new dwellings constructed in 2015 throughout Australia (70,000 of those within Victoria) one would think that there would be plenty of choice for purchase and that supply is stable.  That certainly is the case if you are willing to live, invest or migrate to a rural town touted as Melbourne’s new suburban city. For the rest of us, residing in an established urban and thriving metropolis is still the dream.

Back to the minefield.  Where to buy? How much to spend? What is it worth? These are all fair questions and require educated responses.  A Buyer’s Agent is trained in locating, evaluating, assessing and negotiating, and it is the negotiating where they will save you far more than the fees that they charge.  A Buyer’s Agent must be licenced to work in the industry (with the Business Licence Authority).  The industry is heavily regulated and bound by a code of ethics.  Your Buyer’s Agent should know the processes of purchasing and the legalities associated with any purchase.  If unsure check to see if your Buyer’s Agent is a member of REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia) and/or a member of the REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria).

Having found that special property, a buyer agents ensure clients benefit from full due diligence, uncovering anything that may adversely affect the property’s value and its enjoyment post-purchase. They also analyse the price in detail, before negotiating the best possible terms on your behalf. Although it is normal to engage a buying agents early on in your property search, Elite Buyer Agents can come in at lots of different stages in the process. Some clients may have already found a property and need assistance with negotiations, analysing price or some comfort that the property is as it is described.

With regular reports and constant communication, a buyer agents client knows they are receiving unparalleled advice and access to the entire property market, including local experts providing unrivalled access to properties – both those marketed publicly, privately, and many that are not even on the market (so off-market), via a single point of contact, irrespective of the selling agent or vendor.

So when looking to make that next big purchase a Buyer’s Agent can be your best friend. Choose the right Buyer’s Agent and you could find yourself with your Saturdays back, sitting in your new home in one of Melbourne’s healthiest growth corridors (with change in your pocket) or with an investment portfolio that will make your friends green with envy.

Read more At WikiPedia Buying Agent.

Bayside Buyers Advocate

Buyer’s agents (also known as ‘buyer’s advocates‘) are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer.

Is a buyers advocate worth it?

Yes, as they can give you some protection and security in your purchase. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved to help you weigh things up.

Buying a home is a large investment – likely the biggest financial commitment most of us will make. But, it can be hard to know who’s on your side and who you can trust. At Elite Buyer Agents – We’re on your side of the buyer, not the seller.

What is a buyers advocate?

A property buyers advocate is a real estate professional who guides the buyer  (not seller) through the process of buying a home or investment property– from start to finish.

They represent the buyer and are legally obligated to protect their interests, making sure they get the best possible deal.

Why might you need one?

Real estate agents traditionally represent the seller, not the buyer. They charge a percentage or fixed fee when the property is sold, so it’s in their interest to secure the best purchase price as possible. The higher the price, the higher their commission.

However, while this works well for the seller, there’s no one fighting the buyer’s corner. Yet, they are the ones spending the money.

A home buyers advocate ensures a buyer’s interest are looked after with professional representation as well as providing advice and guidance throughout the process.

What does a buyers advocate do?

A buyers advocate is there to help you buy a house, flat, apartment or even land at a good price first and foremost. However, they will also provide:

  • Knowledge of the local property market within which they operate
  • A realistic view of the property
  • Help guide you on the price you should pay
  • Negotiate the purchase on your behalf
  • Liaise with your solicitor
  • Local insights & neighbourhood information

Essentially, they’ve got your back in the same way seller agents do.

What won’t a buyers advocate do?

It’s also important to be aware of what buyers advocate won’t do when considering if this is the right option for you.

Find you a Home Loan

They’re not there to help you make decisions about what home loan you can afford and how you can keep up with monthly repayments.  We do however have another business called Quora Financial who can assist and of whom we can refer you to for advice.

Buyer Agents and Buyer Advocate Services Covering Victoria

Elite Buyer Agents specialise in buyer representation for our clients who have the strongest advantage when purchasing their next home or investment property. We help you buy the right property by doing all the research and due diligence on your behalf and we have access to Off Market Properties (Silent Listings). As Professional Negotiators we can take the stress out of Auctions bidding on your behalf and ‘We’re On Your Side’ every step of the way through the buying process, putting you first.

With thousands of property purchases, we have an informed, confident and balanced approach, with a commitment to transparency and integrity to help you purchase your perfect home or investment property services  all over Victoria including the following areas of Melbourne:

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What is a Buyers Advocate?

So What is a Buyers Advocate? It is a qualified real estate professional who represents the Buyer in a property transaction. The purpose of a Buyer’s Advocate in a transaction can vary however is typically for the purchase of a residential or commercial owner occupier property or investment property. A Buyers Advocate provides advice based on the specific and personal brief and needs of a Client. Buyer Agents are paid exclusively by the Client and therefore the only interests the Buyer’s Advocate duty lies with is their Clients. Fees charged include an engagement fee, plus a purchase fee which ranges from 1-2% and this fee can either fixed or percentage based on the purchase price.

Experienced Buyers Advocate’s are qualified Real Estate Agents and within Victoria, must have a minimum qualification as an Advocate Representative Certificate, however many are Licenced Estate Agents. Along with minimum qualifications, Buyer Advocate’s are typically members of the REIV (in Victoria) and there are multiple industry bodies for Buyer Advocates such as REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia) and PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia) to name a few.

The benefits of utilising a Buyers Advocate’s services vary for an Owner Occupier to an Investor. Investors are expecting to maximise their returns by ensuring they are buying the very best property possible and the best possible price which meets their personal and individual brief, needs and goals. An owner occupier is typically looking to also ensure they are buying the best property for their brief, in addition to saving time inspecting unsuitable properties and then save money during the negotiation or auction bidding.

A Buyers Advocate service can include searching. They are able to present properties which are on market, before market and off market. Their skills and knowledge on the markets they operate within allows them to evaluate property values and predict selling ranges. Lastly, a Buyer Advocate is employed to negotiate with the Vendors Real Estate Agents or Vendors directly to purchase property at the best price and with the most favourable terms and conditions.

How is a Buyer’s Advocate Paid?

Buyer Advocate’s are bound by the same laws as a Real Estate Agent. To operate

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