As One Of Melbourne’s Leading Buyers Agents We Can Help You Buy Your Next Healthcare or Medical Centre Property

Our Medical Centre Property buyer’s agent team has worked with many different healthcare professional business buyers all over Melbourne who are looking for all types of medical Medical & Consulting properties. So whatever your needs may be, we cater for all business property buyers.

Auction Bidding & Negotiation

We make the difference when Auction Bidding and Negotiating to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients. We’re here to “Make A Difference”.

Buy Off Market Properties

We help investor locally and foreign to invest in the Melbourne Healthcare Professional Property Market.  We aim to optimise the investors yield and property performance over time.

Buy a Medical Centre Property and Save time with our Melbourne buyer’s agent team.

The commercial marketplace can be confusing, and is currently overflowing with options. Our experienced team of seasoned professionals can help Medical & Consulting professional business owners narrow their selection down, and negotiate to secure the best property Medical & Consulting property for your practice.

Providing you with the necessary tools to meet your goals.

The road ahead can be an emotional rollercoaster. Weeks or even months of searching, missed opportunities, and wasted weekends fuel the frustration and stress that you may experience during the buying process.

If you’re a Medical & Consulting healthcare professional or business owner, we will explain what’s really happening and ultimately empower you to make the right decisions for your practice.

Elite Buyer Agents Client Process

Need a Property?

We will listen in detail about your property requirements and goals you are trying to achieve.  After learning about your needs, we create a plan/strategy for your property success.

Search for Properties

Many properties are publicly advertised for sale, many are not. Approximately 25% of the properties that we purchase are Off Market. Our Buyer Agents have extensive Real Estate Networks to give you access to more properties than those simply advertised on the internet.

Research & Value

Once a suitable property has been identified, we will conduct due diligence and an extensive report which includes an appraisal of the property’s market value.  A property negotiation should never commence without this step being completed thoroughly.

Negotiate & Deliver

Our team implements tough negotiation strategies, putting you in the ‘Box Seat’ to secure the property. Whether it’s at Auction, negotiated before Auction or Private Sale, we strive to get you best possible price.

Buyer Agents

We Are Melbourne’s Leading Medical & Consulting Buyer Agent Because >

  • We are Melbourne Medical & Consulting Healthcare Property Specialists
  • We are Ruputable, Trusted and Experienced
  • We are Connected to all major Commercial Real Estate partners
  • We can provide Unprecedented Off-Market Commercial Property Options
  • We have the Testimonials and Experience to Help You
  • We use our ‘Buy Side’ Process to help find the Right Commercial Property
  • We are above all ‘We’re On Your Side’ leading property purchase strategy
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