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We help source Homes and Investment Properties.

As Geelong Buyer Advocates and covering the and the Surf Coast as well, we understand the Geelong Property Market can be confusing and fast paced.  Our experienced team of seasoned professionals can help Geelong and Surf Coast Property Buyer Agents narrow your selection down, and negotiate to secure the best property for your home or investment property.  They can even search for properties off market so you can feel at ease that you have explored the whole market.


Geelong Buyer Advocates

We buy property all over Geelong and the Surf Coast, at all price points. So whatever your needs may be, we can help you.

Auction Bidding & Negotiation

We make the difference when Auction Bidding and Negotiating to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients. We’re here to “Make A Difference”.

Buy Off Market Properties

We buy more than 50% of our clients properties before Auction and 25% Off Market. We offer our services to local and foreign clients all over the world.

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We Are Geelong & Surf Coast’s Specialist Buyer Advocates Because…

  • We are Geelong Property Market Specialists
  • We are Ruputable, Trusted and Experienced Across Victoria
  • We are Connected to all major Real Estate partners
  • We can provide Unprecedented Off-Market Property Options
  • We have the Testimonials and Experience to Help You
  • We use our ‘Buy Side’ Process to help find the Right Property
  • We are above all ‘We’re On Your Side’ leading property purchase strategy

Contact Our Geelong Buyer Advocate and Surf Coast Agent – Vicky Whittaker

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