Sourcing and Acquiring Development Properties and Sites to Build Your Future Wealth.

Elite Buyer Agents offers an experienced property development team which helps developers find sustainable residential, commercial, industrial & retail precincts in Melbourne and around Victoria.

  • Goals – We will discuss with you your goals of your investment, together with reviewing the current assets you have in your property portfolio.  Most properties on the market do not cut it as investment grade therefore strategic property selection is critical.
  • Source – We will do all the searching for you, saving you time and confusion.  We have very strict criteria in our selection of investment properties and target the top 1% of properties that are on the market (via public listings and off market sources).  Around 30% of the properties our buyers advocates purchase for our clients are off market and never advertised.  We consider 99% of properties on the market not to be investment grade for one reason or another.  We are picky!
  • Assess – We will complete an extensive report for you which will also include assessing the property’s value and also what the rent the property is expected to receive.
  • Negotiate – A carefully planned strategy will be implemented to ensure that the property is purchased for the best possible price.  Whether that be via auction, buying before auction or negotiating a private sale.

Elite Buyer Agents Developer Client Process

Need a Property?

We will listen in detail about your property requirements and goals you are trying to achieve.  After learning about your needs, we create a plan/strategy for your property success.

Search for Properties

Many properties are publicly advertised for sale, many are not. Approximately 25% of the properties that we purchase are Off Market. Our Buyer Agents have extensive Real Estate Networks to give you access to more properties than those simply advertised on the internet.

Research & Value

Once a suitable property has been identified, we will conduct due diligence and an extensive report which includes an appraisal of the property’s market value.  A property negotiation should never commence without this step being completed thoroughly.

Negotiate & Deliver

Our team implements tough negotiation strategies, putting you in the ‘Box Seat’ to secure the property. Whether it’s at Auction, negotiated before Auction or Private Sale, we strive to get you best possible price.

Elite Buyer Agents have experience in both residential and commercial property developement.

Foreign property investment can be a daunting process. Whether you’re a foreign investor or a local living offshore, our fully qualified property advisory service will manage the entire process on your behalf securely from Australia. Throughout the process we will remain in touch with you by phone and email, and can arrange power of attorney, source fully vetted tenants and ongoing property management.

Elite Buyer Agents Daniel Easterbrook

We identify market opportunities to grow your investment porfolio.

Investing in property through a Self Managed Super Fund can provide significant benefits and tax advantages, and it can be a smart way to diversify your retirement nest egg. We have a large network of professionals who specialise in this area, so not only can we assist in purchasing the right property for you, if required, we can also put you in contact with experts in this field to ensure you have the correct strategy in place.

Foreign investors and expats

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