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Buy A Home and Save time with our Melbourne buyer’s agent team to find the right property for the best price.

The marketplace can be confusing, and is currently overflowing with options. Our experienced team of seasoned professionals can help Melbourne residents narrow their selection down, and negotiate to secure the best property for you.

The buzz of buying property is hard to beat, and it’s exciting when you’ve made the decision to finally buy a home. Well done!

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As One Of Melbourne’s Leading Buyer’s Agents We Can Help You Buy A Home And Save Time And Money Finding The Right Property For The Best Price.

Our team has worked with many different home buyers all over Melbourne who are looking for all types of properties. So whatever your needs may be, we cater for all buyers at every life stage.

Auction Bidding & Negotiation

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Providing you with the necessary tools to meet your goals

The road ahead can be an emotional rollercoaster. Weeks or even months of searching, missed opportunities, and wasted weekends fuel the frustration and stress that you may experience during the buying process.

If you’re a home buyer, we will explain what’s really happening and ultimately empower you to make the right decision.

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  • We are REIV Qualified
  • We are REBAA accredited agent
  • We are Trusted & Reputable
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Need a Property?

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We Search

Many properties are publicly advertised for sale, many are not. Approximately 30% of the properties that we purchase are off market. Our buyers agents have extensive real estate networks to give you access to more properties than those simply advertised on the internet.

We Analyse

Once a suitable property has been targeted, we will complete all due diligence and a full report which includes a realistic estimate of the selling/buying range. A property negotiation should never commence without this step being completed thoroughly.

We Deliver

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We Are Melbourne’s Leading Buyer Agent Because >

  • We are Melbourne Property Market Specialists
  • We are Ruputable, Trusted and Experienced
  • We are Connected to all major Real Estate partners
  • We can provide Unprecedented Off-Market Property Options
  • We have the Testimonials and Experience to Help You
  • We use our ‘Buy Side’ Process to help find the Right Property at The Right Price
  • We are above all ‘We’re On Your Side’ leading property purchase strategy

Buyer’s Agents

Real Estate Agents are often struggling with lack of supply, demand is usually high and competition is always tough. Buyers are regularly being priced out of the market, particularly first home buyers, young families looking to upgrade and the Mum and Dad investors as well.

Buyer’s Agents in Victoria are seeing purchasers being out bid and out played and either losing or overpaying… not only at auction in other situations such as a sale by set date or an expression of interest campaign. This is a game best played by those who are experienced and who know the pitfalls of the industry, not to mention the rights of the purchaser and the obligations of the selling agent.

Increasingly Buyer’s Agents or “Buyer’s Advocates” are being engaged by educated buyers to navigate the minefields of the real estate industry on their behalf and to show them the real value of property, this of course in turn will save them money, time and stress. The difference between buying an average property and a good property can be a difference of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With over 220,000 new dwellings constructed in 2015 throughout Australia (70,000 of those within Victoria) one would think that there would be plenty of choice for purchase and that supply is stable.  That certainly is the case if you are willing to live, invest or migrate to a rural town touted as Melbourne’s new suburban city. For the rest of us, residing in an established urban and thriving metropolis is still the dream.

Back to the minefield.  Where to buy? How much to spend? What is it worth? These are all fair questions and require educated responses.  A Buyer’s Agent is trained in locating, evaluating, assessing and negotiating, and it is the negotiating where they will save you far more than the fees that they charge.  A Buyer’s Agent must be licenced to work in the industry (with the Business Licence Authority).  The industry is heavily regulated and bound by a code of ethics.  Your Buyer’s Agent should know the processes of purchasing and the legalities associated with any purchase.  If unsure check to see if your Buyer’s Agent is a member of REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia) and/or a member of the REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria).

So when looking to make that next big purchase a Buyer’s Agent can be your best friend. Choose the right Buyer’s Agent and you could find yourself with your Saturdays back, sitting in your new home in one of Melbourne’s healthiest growth corridors (with change in your pocket) or with an investment portfolio that will make your friends green with envy.

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Buyer’s agents (also known as ‘buyer’s advocates‘) are licensed professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer.

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